Self Employed

Working for yourself can bring many advantages, including the freedom and flexibility that it can give you. But there can be many challenges too. Keeping up with the complexities involved in running your own business can mean that any spare time you have is precious to you, leaving you little time to worry about anything else.

Buying a home or refinancing at any stage of life can seem an overwhelming process - but when you are self-employed it can seem even more confusing. Navigating through your options to determine what mortgage suits your individual requirements can be a challenging task on your own. Using the services of an experienced finance professional can make this experience easy.

As a fully qualified Finance Broker, I can access a wide panel of major lenders, assessing their rates and policies to assist you to weigh up your loan options and application requirements. You may prefer a fixed or variable rate, or you may wish to unlock your equity through a self-employed loan that also offers a low-doc line of credit. I can help you to make an educated and informed decision that suits your unique requirements that you are comfortable with.

An appointment with me can give you:

  • Comprehensive explanations’ about the different loan types and structures, including low-documentation options
  • A simplified and flexible application process
  • A competitive interest rate
  • The ability to access equity for your business/personal and investment finances

Talk to me today to find out about the most suitable options for self-employed borrowers.

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