Home Loans

There is a little known fact that may surprise most prospective home owners – all lenders have a different capacity to lend you the money that you need.

By engaging me as your mortgage and finance broker, my aim is to put you in a stronger position to buy!

Consumers have also been demanding better products and services and as a result, there are now so many products available to you. It’s not only amazing, but it can also be overwhelming to have to work out which loan is right for you.

Some of the structures and options that are available include;

Line of credit loans; variable and fixed loans (not to mention the splitting of the two types!); bridging loans; offset accounts; redraw facilities and this is only to mention a few – but which loan is right for you? What is the best structure now, to facilitate your future goals over the next couple of years?

My job as your mortgage and finance broker is to get the structure right from the start, and to do this, I need to understand not only what you want from your loan, but what you need from your loan.

I strongly advise every client I meet to obtain pre-approval remembering the great line “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. Your pre-approval could be the difference between obtaining your dream home or watching someone else beat you to it.

Don’t risk it, be prepared – contact me today.

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