Is your home loan due for a free health check?

Life is full of change, and that applies to home loans as much as it does to anything else. In many cases, the home loan that was right for you when you first bought your property, may no longer suit your situation.

There are many reasons for considering a refinance of your existing loan, these include:

  • Cheaper repayments
  • Debt consolidation (paying off other debts by transferring them into your home loan)
  • Raising cash to help with the purchase of another home
  • Your existing loan does not cater for features such as an offset account
  • Switching from a fixed rate to a variable rate and vice versa
  • Renovating your home and you need to access the equity

That’s why, as your financial situation changes, as interest rates increase or decrease, or simply as time passes, it’s important to review your home loan.

Remember that many banks prey on the fact that their customers “set and forget” their home loan, as your mortgage broker I will make sure that the money stays in your pocket – not the banks!

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