Home Loans

What a Good Mortgage Broker Does For You...

When looking for a home loan, the combination you choose will affect the overall cost of your loan and your ability to pay off your home loan faster, so getting it right at the outset is important. A mortgage broker offers loans from a panel of financial institutions, including banks and non-banks and can give you both a good understanding of what is available as well as work with you through the process of getting your loan.

Home loan pre-approval is something you should always get if you can, no matter what your loan size. It will put you in the strongest position to bid at auction or negotiate with a vendor. Pre-approval is offered by most banks and lenders and is usually valid for around three months and I can easily assist you to get it. If you can, make sure you apply for a written home loan pre-approval with the lender you intend to borrow through, as this will give you the most secure indication of how much you can borrow. Just remember, all home loan pre-approvals will come with some conditions that still need to be met, most importantly that the property you choose meets the lender's criteria.

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