About Douglas Lewis

Douglas is like a personal CFO to his clients. He is not only an accomplished professional with over 20 years of international finance and accounting experience, he also takes the time to understand your individual financial situation. Douglas compares thousands of products from over 30 lenders to recommend a solution that is right for you and is readily available to offer advice or answer questions.

As a specialist in securing personal, property and commercial loans, Douglas leverages his knowledge, expertise and relationships with key lenders to help clients achieve their financial goals.

He also works closely with businesses across numerous industries as an integrated part of their sales process to ensure their customers have the right finance in place.

As a property investor himself, Douglas has an in-depth understanding of the many requirements of financial lenders. He is able to draw on his own experience, providing insight or options clients may not have known about.

Douglas is passionate about what he does, taking an honest and transparent approach with every client. It is this passion that has enabled him to help his clients overcome numerous challenges and deliver financial solutions tailored to their individual needs.

From the office to the field, Douglas played Australian Rules Football for the New York Magpies and represented the USA at the Australian Football International Cup. A competition is held every three years with up to 23 nations represented.