About Us

I have always been about the numbers. Additions, subtractions, percentages and averages, I have always paid attention to the relationship between numbers and the power of multiplying and compounding.

I began my journey in the finance industry 4 years ago because I ended up taking an interest in something that not everyone does and I realised by sharing my knowledge I can have a valued and lasting impact on my clients. The general consus on money and finance is that it’s super boring and complicated but in reality, it is so important.

From early on I saw this opportunity to provide value to a key area of life that we all deal with. I don’t know the exact chances of getting through life without a mortgage, but it is probably similar to that of winning the lottery...I have 0 tips around how you can win the lottery but I am an expert in helping you tackle your home loan!

My passion is centred around giving my clients the best chance of success. Whether that is simplifying this for clients and seeing that ‘light bulb’ moment go on in someone's head when they go, ‘You know what Dylan, I get it now!’ Or just really being their home loan bible and taking all the worry out of the process so they just need to focus on buying the right asset. Either way, I get immense satisfaction from working with my clients and I take great pride in being ‘their numbers’ man.  

What gets me going outside of work?

I love getting outdoors and spending time in the local Elwood area, going to the local beach with my partner Polly and our dog Beau.

After those two, my next great love is the Melbourne Demons, did I mention loyalty is a key trait of mine?

If I strip the business objective back it is to simply put people in a better position then when we started with them.