There's No Need For Christmas Debt Hangover...

Set yourself a budget and use these tips to get through the season of spending!

With all the hype and lead up to Christmas Festivities and advertising for gifts, you’d think we all had an unlimited budget to party through the Festive Season AND buy everyone on our Contact List a Christmas Gift. But we know that is not the case for most.

According to research, the average Australian will spend between $500 & $650 on Christmas gifts, up from the previous years of approximately $400 ( 28Nov2016). On top of all this is the cost of attending Christmas functions, children’s end of year activity wind ups and the likelihood of guests and visitors staying for extended periods over the holidays. All of these costs add up while the everyday costs of running a household also continue.

To avoid extra financial pressures, there are strategies you can do to reduce costs and alleviate stress long after the last Christmas Cracker has been popped.

A few simple tips include;

- Set yourself a budget of how much you are going to spend on each person

- Look for specials in store, shop around or shop online for the same item

- Use secondhand websites such as Gumtree or local newspapers for recycled gifts

- Buy gifts throughout the year, spreading the cost across time rather than in one hit

- Give out home-made gift vouchers that offer your services to family and friends utilising your services, such as babysitting, cooking a meal or attending to their garden for them

- Do your research before buying big ticket items

- Read reviews and consumer alerts to make sure you are getting the right product for your money.

And once Christmas Day is over, the guests have left and the gifts have been unwrapped, store any left over food and drinks as soon as you can so they can be used in the few days after Christmas. There are plenty of Celebrity Chef’s, websites or magazine articles that offer recipes and ways to use left over foods and turn them into satisfying meals for the next day!

Or of course, if all of the above doesn’t save you money, you can always book a holiday for next Christmas and get away from all the hype!

Merry Christmas to all of our amazing Clients and here's to a brilliant New Year!