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Just wanted to send you an email to say thanks for all the hard work you did to help us get our mortgage. It was a long process and we finally did it with you help, it is much appreciated. We ended up moving in on the settlement day, all the furniture and stuff was in by 6pm and we slept in our new room, over the following days we set everything up and had many visitors.

We are very happy with the place and the neighbourhood. Scott has started striping paint off doorways and doing bits and pieces. We will have you over when I get back in a few weeks, I am in Japan right now, the show is a total sell out here.


Gary Phillips has assisted me over a number of years in obtaining finance. Over that time I have come to rely on and trust his advice. Gary is very approachable and always responds promptly with detailed and pertinent information to any query I have. Gary also keeps the lines of communication flowing between all parties and is highly proactive in ensuring I understand all my finance options and helps in pointing me to the right financial product for my needs.

Gary goes beyond just assisting with finance, as he always helps by liaising with the mortgage companies, conveyancers and other third parties to ensure that the transaction not only closes but does so in a way that I am satisfied with. I also love the fact I can bounce ideas around with Gary so that we can collaboratively come up with the best result.

Gary is also very adaptable and practical, so when anything tricky surfaces I am always confident in Gary coming up with a practical and timely solution and I can rely on him being available to help me implement it. Lastly I am always confident in going back to Gary for my financing needs because as much as he focuses on my current finance requirements, he also understands my overall position and long term financial goals and I because of that I feel comfortable knowing that Gary will be there to help when my latest needs arise.

Richard Winter, Rabobank

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