How it works, how we can help

There are at least 3 main components to contend with when purchasing a property. In practice most people need guidance with all of these components: Loan, Property and Legal.

  1. Loan steps (brief)
    • Initial assessment: borrowing capacity, purchase budget, supporting documentation etc
    • Banks, products and rates, policies
    • Lodging the loan: assessment, credit checks, conditional approval, valuations, formal approval, loan documentation, certification, funding and settlement

  2. Property process
    • Strata reports, pest and building reports if required
    • How do I start? How to approach a real estate agent, and all the steps and tips through to securing a purchase

  3. Legal checks
    • Contract for the property checked by a conveyancer or solicitor
    • Any other checks that may be required

We’ll customise what’s required very quickly, and guide you at every step - so don’t let this delay you. In fact it is easier to get advice earlier than later. Make it easier on yourself and ask us first.

For most people, a home or investment loan is the biggest expenditure of their lives, and requires the respect and appropriate amount of attention for the sum of money involved.

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