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Get your next business loan quick and easy.

You’ve got big plans. Maybe you want to buy extra stock for your business, need an injection of cash to pay down debt, or your thinking about finally buying that new car you had your eye on. Just one problem—you’re not sure you qualify for a loan from a traditional lender. You don’t have time to wait—you need the cash. Now!

We get it. We specialise in providing prompt funding to clients in need of cash. Our Merchant Cash Advance and Unsecured Business Loan programs put you in the driver’s seat, by making the lending process simple and painless. No long waits, no tax returns needed, no stress, just cash when you need it (subject to terms and conditions of course). Do you have bad credit? That’s ok, we look beyond your credit history and evaluate the totality of your application.

Imagine finally buying that new car, starting that new business, or hiring that new staff member—don’t let your credit hold you back anymore—your dreams are worth pursuing, let the lending professionals at Loan Market show you how. We have competitive interest rates and sensible repayment plans, so what are you waiting for?

Here some of the small business or commercial finance options we have available:

  • Business loans
  • Commercial loans
  • Lines of credit
  • Home equity loans
  • Franchise funding
  • Venture capital
  • Car leasing
  • Equipment leasing
  • Development finance
  • Short term finance

Contact us today, and if you’re a new business, ask about a finance product, that will suit your needs.

Having scores of Property Investors as clients gives me a few insights to what is needed when advising potential investors.

I have a background in real estate marketing and a qualification in financial planning

I have learnt there are 2 foundation strategies for successful property investment.

  1. Structure your finance correctly and;
  2. Buy the right property and purchase it at the right price

The goal of investing in property is the same as any investment strategy - grow your assets and legally minimize your tax.

The correct loan structure is important as it will contribute to your cash flow (lower mortgage payments) and be flexible enough if your financial circumstances change in the future and you need to restructure your finance.

Having a clear investment goal is important.

I once read that if you were starting your investment journey into property a realistic goal was 3 plus 1.

Your property portfolio could be made up of 3 properties for ongoing rental income at retirement and the fourth property to be sold to pay off hopefully the outstanding mortgages and enough left over for that special idem, such as a trip overseas or that boat you have had your eye on for several years.

The key point is to have a goal and investment plan and if you start at a reasonable age it can be an achievable financial goal.

Many have done it, including some of my clients...

Start gathering a trusted group of advisers such as a property savvy accountant, financial advisor, good real estate agent and of course an experienced mortgage broker ( one with some background in the Property Investment Lending)

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