Personal Loans and Car Loans

Car loans shouldn't be hard. But we hear so many cautionary tales of people who walk into the wrong vehicle finance and spend years trying to fix the damage that’s been done. 

At Loan Market Geelong, we have a wide array of car finance products available to us through our lender panel. We can source an option for you that has a low interest rate, low fees and without hidden surprises. 

We can secure car finance for: 

  • New vehicles 
  • Used vehicles 
  • Dealership sales 
  • Private sales. 

And if it’s equipment finance you’re after, we apply the same knowledge and high-speed processing times to make the experience equally convenient. 

So, whether you’re thinking of a car, utility for business or leisure, 4WD, excavators, tractor, boat – or anything else you might need for work or pleasure – our team can help you with your purchase.  

Give us a call at Loan Market Geelong, today.

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