Personal Loans and Car Loans

If you're after a cheap and easy car loan - you've come to the right place! 

Loan Market Geelong use their broad lending panel to get the best rate, lowest fee and lowest repayment for your new car loan. 

Our Geelong Car Loan specialists help take the control out of the dealership's hands and gives it back to you. We provide a quick processing time so you can drive away in your new car much faster than you expected.

There are a lot of very competitive offers for vehicle and equipment finance - some as low as home loan rates!!

Also, a pre-approved car loan from a bank gives you back the bargaining power.

We can help with purchasing your new car in a range of different ways:

  • New vehicles
  • Used vehicles
  • Dealership Sales
  • Private Sales

Based locally in Geelong, we have loans available for Cars, Utes, 4WD, Excavators, Tractors, Boats and more.  

Self Employed?

Grow your business through asset finance! 

Don't use your valuable cash towards your new purchase. Purchasing new cars or equipment can be costly and finance allows you to use those funds to grow your business. 

Your new asset finance loan might also hold great tax benefits for you - contact your Accountant to see how this can help your business. 

We know being time-poor is tough. So, we do the paperwork for you! 

Getting car and equipment for your business is fast and easy - call us and find out how to grow your business today.

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