Brokers + Trust = Happy Clients!

As a broker, I'm entrusted to do everything I can for my clients. But that doesn't end with bricks and mortar. 

When someone comes to see me needing finance for their property purchase, I sit down with them to understand where they're at in life beyond their real estate goals: do they have the best personal insurances; are they thinking about a new car; do they need new business equipment; are they on-track with superannuation, and more.

I was honoured to be recognised for servicing the full needs of my customers at Loan Market's International Conference in August 2019, receiving an award from the Group's financial planning division, Wealth Market. I was also thrilled to be named #3 Broker in Australia (making me the network's #1 Female Broker in Australia) and the recognition for the entire Loan Market Geelong City team which was named in the Top 10 International Franchises.

The bond between brokers and customers is special - it's real trust. And when you win real trust, it's beholden on you to help your clients across all points on their financial journey.  

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