Financial gain during self-isolation

Things are moving fast in this new COVID-world so we want to assure you that we're am here to help
and support you.
Banks, governments and brokers like me appreciate that this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and
everyone is jumping in to do their bit.
Yesterday afternoon, parliament signed off a multibillion-dollar package of support for business
and households. So let’s break down how the current political and financial climate may impact
you - and how I can help.

If you run a business
As a fellow self-employed business owner, I welcome the government’s tax breaks. The most
relevant of these are massive instant asset write-offs.
So if you need new cars, vans, computers and tech equipment, fit-out, furniture, TVs, solar
systems or tools, now could be the best time to act. I can organise your asset finance to make
the most of these write-offs, which effectively allow you to write off assets up to $150,000, with
an immediate tax deduction (rather than depreciating over time). Note: the assets need to be
purchased and in use by June 30, 2020.
To my self-employed clients and contractors who have lost income due to COVID-19
shutdowns, the government is arranging payments from $550 a fortnight up to double that to
help sustain you over the next six months.

This is what the email will look like. Sent through the Insider publication (CampaignBreeze, 3pm
Tuesday 24th).

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If you’ve lost employment
Job security and business cashflow are two of the casualties of COVID-19 and the government
is putting provisions in place to support you. Some of the big banks are also offering 3-month
exemptions from home loan repayments to clients who lose their income. Government rental
assistance is available too.
If you’ve lost income you can withdraw $10,000 of your superannuation this financial year, and
another $10,000 next financial year.
This could be an option you can use as an emergency cash injection to keep your family or your
business afloat in the short term, however when making decisions on Super, you should seek
financial advice to explore the best possible option for you. I can put you in contact with a
financial adviser to help you with more information on this.
Additionally, employees who have lost income can access supplementary payments for the next
six months of $550 to $1100 a fortnight upwards with no waiting period. Importantly, you will not
be asset tested. The demand in the first few hours has been so big that the MyGov website

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If you have a home loan
Oddly, you might be able to make the most of a warped situation. You see the latest rate cut,
just last week in response to the virus, brought Australia another record low of 0.25 per cent.
The banks responded in kind, as did many lenders, and now we’re seeing rates as low as 2.49
per cent. That’s seriously low.
My advice? If your current home loan rate starts with a 3, or worse a 4 or 5, (or worse still, you
don’t know what it starts with... don’t worry) email me today. More than 30 lenders are offering
rates below 3 per cent and Loan Market has one of the largest panels of banks and lenders - I’m
ready to negotiate on your behalf.
How can I help? With banks and lenders eager to win your business and refinancing being
easier than you imagine - I can make it happen for you. As I mentioned earlier, big banks are
also offering repayment-holidays for several months if you’ve lost income. So there’s lots for me
to negotiate on your behalf.

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If you were about to buy a property
Don’t discount your plans just yet. One of the big four banks has launched a special rate for first
home owners of 2.19 per cent. Another has created a new home loan launching next week with
a rate below 2 per cent for a period of the first ten months. So there are some seriously
competitive options out there.
And the property market? No surprises that “how will coronavirus affect house prices?” is one of
the most Googled questions since the outbreak. Let me tell you that the market is busy right
now. This week 2,539 homes went to auction, an increase on the previous week of over 300
properties. One thing is certain: property is undersupplied in Australia and that could mean good
news for buyers.
Our friends at Ray White have been active all week, fully open for business and still seeing that,
despite the turmoil, people are getting on with their lives and properties are still selling.
Significant property crashes only happen when people have to sell when they don’t want to. The
good news is the banks and government have put measures in place to ensure this won’t
happen by extending mortgage holidays and committing to working alongside clients throughout
this crisis.
As a result, we, and many other commentators believe the property market will be stable.

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