Miners, shift workers, fly in and fly out buyers

We understand the importance of your time at home when you are in the fly in/fly out work force, and that having to run around looking for a home loan to suit your needs is not at the top of your list.

We will work the hours which suit you, are available throughout the day and evenings and even on the weekend, and are contactable via phone or email at anytime to fit in with your busy schedule.

Because we am in constant contact with real estate agents, we can organise viewing of properties at your convenience with one of the agents; you only need ask.

Once you have located your property, be it your first home or an investment property, we will collect all of the required information from you and submit the deal to the lender you have chosen, following the deal through until settlement has taken place. We will ensure all your documentation has been received and the loan has been set up correctly.

"I really appreciate the service you provided for me from my first consultation and the numerous phone conversations. I look forward to working with you when I come to build my new home."

Byron Clarkson, Geraldton, WA
"I was originally going to do everything myself when buying my first home and applying for a home loan. Then I thought I should at least have one meeting with a loan broker to see if they offer the same service. I was so glad to find Colleen as my mortgage broker. She is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She would take her time to explain everything in a language everyone understand and I really appreciated her honesty. Colleen does not work for any lender, at the end the choice is yours. She did all research for me from each lender and Colleen provided me professional advice about choosing my loan and picking a bank. Most importantly, she saved me a lot of time and hassle when applying for my home loan. And I did not need to pay any fee for her services throughout this entire process. A big thank you to Colleen for making my life so much easier when buying my first home. I highly recommend Colleen to anyone who is buying a home or thinking to buy a home. Come and talk to her and experience the professional services yourself. "

Harley Young, Geraldton WA

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