Property investors in Bayswater

Helping investors maximise their return

Jacob works with property investors who are starting out as well as those who are looking to increase the return on their existing investment. Here’s what he can do to help.

New property investors

Investment lending is becoming increasingly complex as it becomes more heavily regulated. If you’re a new property investor, Jacob can work with you from the beginning to make sure you start your investment journey with the right loan at the right rate.

What you might not realise is that when APRA’s regulations around investors came into play in 2015, it forced a lot of banks - particularly the big four - to increase investment loan rates. This gave smaller banks the opportunity to become more competitive.

Jacob is able to do a full assessment of what’s on offer across more than 30 different lenders so you can be confident that your first investment loan is a competitive one.

Experienced property investors

If you’ve already started to build your property portfolio, Jacob can work with you to address the biggest cost of an investment property: the mortgage against it.

You may be able to save a significant amount of money on your mortgage repayments by simply having Jacob review your loan structure.

Jacob will help you understand what options and savings are available and can help answer a critical question: if you could save money each month, could you pay off your investment faster and even look at the potential of buying another property?

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