Your local mortgage broker in Rhodes, Lane Cove, Chatswood, North Sydney and the Greater North Shore

My extensive experience in finance broking, credit analysis and mobile banking - as well as business development for Loan Market head office - has seen my business built on strong foundations of service and compliance.

A lifelong north shore local with offices in both Lane Cove and Rhodes, I am fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese which enables improved service delivery to many of my customers.

My business model sees a focus not only around interest rates but also on education and understanding my clients’ unique requirements to deliver a tailored loan structure for them.

Combining Loan Market’s leading digital technology offerings with this traditional service model, I streamline and simplify the finance application process to deliver my clients the right outcomes for them in the shortest possible time.


  • Gunjan Sen
    James is a very upbeat and positive guy which is what you need from your broker when you are going on this adventure of buying a house. Whether you are on your first property or your thirtieth James will be with you all the way. He guided us throughout the entire process. He would explain to us very patiently everything we did not understand. He was very flexible with his time with us. Made the whole process very easy. Needless to say, he is our new favourite property broker!!
  • Raymond Wong
    First Home Buyer
    Would definitely recommend James (in fact, I have already!). I never had a problem reaching him by phone, he always responded very quickly to emails, and he gave frequent updates with me even asking. As a first home buyer, I had an abundance of stupid questions on the whole process (not just bank stuff) but he was always very patient and happy to answer them. To top it all off, he got us good rates too!
  • Ian Pereira
    First Home Buyer
    How do I begin. Frankly, I am overwhelmed as today I received my formal approval. It's one day before the cooling off period could end. And It wouldn't have been possible without James by my side. James just wasn't a mortgage broker for me but also a guide. I could ask him silly, stupid questions without fear of being judged. Honestly, I wasn't keen on getting a loan approval. I was lazy but after meeting up with James and with the way he cleared all my doubts, I was ready to enter the Real estate market. He got my pre-approval done in 2 days and the final approval in one day after valuations. There was no time wastage on his side. He would act on stuffs instantaneously. If I ask something, he would reply quickly. If any documents need to be sent to bank, he would send it immediately. Apart from being professional, he is so friendly. A friendly mortgage broker is quite essential. I would totally recommend him.
  • Remathy Balakrishnan
    James has been a pleasure to work with throughout my refinancing process. He went over and beyond to make sure I got the best deal. He was also very timely and professional. I would highly recommend James.
  • Tony Wu
    First Home Buyer
    James is professional, empathetic and efficient. James has provided excellent service and made the whole mortgage process so much easy for me, being the first time to buy a property. He is very well experienced and knows inside out. He stood in my shoes and gave me options of loans from different banks, and also compared which loan is the best in my situation. I was in a situation that needed the pre-approval quickly and he just sorted out quickly. I am sure I would not have get it done without Jame's help.
  • Keith Ng
    First Home Buyer
    "This is my first mortgage, and my experience with James Wu had been extremely positive. He went above and beyond to make sure I fully understood everything and is always timely and professional. Highly recommended!"
  • Ersin Teke
    Investment Refinance
    "Great service, highly recommended! A man of his word and easy to deal with. Thank you James"
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