About Us


My name is Jan (pronounced “Yunn”), I am born and raised in Germany and have relocated to Australia. I am here to put my Heart and Soul into giving you the best possible advice around your financial needs.

Coming from a country where the reputation and creditibility of the financial industry and its workers suffered decades of no regulations, shady practice and where it was common place for bankers/brokers/advisors to put their own profit first over their client’s financial wellbeing, encouraged me to start a career in this exact industry in a regulated country like Australia and set an example on acting in my client’s best interest.

Reliability, Honesty and Transparency are the Core Values on which I base my conduct - every day.
I do the leg work, compare, negotiate and find the best Solution for your unique Situation - because I work for You and not for the banks!

Before I came to Australia I ran my own business as a financial planner for 7 years in Germany.  
After my medical engineering studies in 2012, I wanted to work closer with clients, helping them and have a more direct impact on their personal situation. I love numbers but even more so I love working, connecting and engaging with people. So it was an easy decision to make to start a career in finance. 

Here in Australia I am highly fascinated by the Real Estate Market. I admire how straight and habitual Aussies are when it comes to buying their first home to sell it for a bigger one when they get children, upsize again, downsize when the kids are moving out and have investment properties on the side. Here it’s showing so often, how much more relaxed and easy going Aussies are compared to Germans – truly loving it!