About Us

Hello, Janice here. Thank you for visiting my website.

In my association with Loan Market over the past seven years, I have arranged home loans for many happy clients. I am often contacted by existing clients when considering a subsequent purchase or to refer family and friends.

Whether buying or building a home, as a first timer or seasoned property owner, I believe in providing a complete personalised service to each customer. My aim is to provide a stress-free experience - from pre-approval to ultimate home ownership and beyond.


Do you have a burning question that you need answered? Or are you just looking for general information? Please contact me directly by email Janice.beresford@loanmarket.com.au or mobile for a confidential chat about your individual circumstances.


  • “How much can I borrow?”

Borrowing capacity will depend on the assessment rate applied and can differ from one lender to another. Lenders may also have different income qualifying criteria such as length and status of employment, as well as, type of income such as overtime.

  • “How much deposit do I need?”

Generally, the maximum loan is 95% of the property purchase price. This means that 5% will need to be contributed towards the purchase in addition to other costs, such as settlement and government fees. In most cases, evidence that the 5% deposit has been genuinely saved is required – this can be provided by bank statements for the previous 3 months.

  • “When will Lender’s Mortgage Insurance apply?”

If the loan amount is more than 80% of the property value, then LMI will be charged. In most cases, this can be financed by the lender and added to the base loan amount.

  • “How much is the LMI fee?”

LMI is charged as a percentage of the loan amount. The rate is determined by both the size of the loan and the percentage of the purchase price which is borrowed.