Loan Market’s

Code of Ethics.

Loan Market brokers and their teams are serious about the commitment they make to their customers.


We do all that is possible to ensure our customers are fully informed about why we make the loan recommendations we do, and how we get paid.

Governance and culture

We will always act in accordance with applicable laws and cooperate with any regulatory bodies. We see our role as constantly adapting, leading and shaping best practice in the industry.

Manage conflicts of interest

Conflicts can happen from time-to-time. When any conflict of interest exists, we will disclose them to our customer and always give priority to their needs.

Committed professionals

To deliver outstanding results for you, we invest in ourselves and our business. You can have confidence we maintain, develop and apply a high level of knowledge and skills to meet all required industry standards and qualifications.


We will do everything possible to ensure records of clients are retained, maintained and kept in a form that is complete, accurate and safe.

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