About Us

Purchasing property, whether it’s your first home, or a home where you will retire is one of the biggest financial milestones you will achieve in your life. Jen takes great pride in celebrating these milestones with everyone she helps along their financial journey.

Jen focuses on delivering quality recommendations as she helps Australians achieve the ever-evolving great Aussie dream of owning their own home. She has helped many clients purchase investment properties, review and refinance their home loans, renovate their homes, build their homes, buy their first homes, their second homes and even their dream homes. 

You will be working with a broker who is passionate about her clients financial journey, where they started, where they are now and what the future looks like for them. Jen has invested many years establishing trusting relationships, and reliable connections with her clients, banks and support staff in the industry. She is here to support your property ownership dreams.

With over 14 years’ experience as a lending specialist within banks and as a mortgage broker,  Jen is here to do the groundwork and find you the right home loan, so you don’t have to.