About Us

I’m Jenni Chittick and I am your local Loan Market finance specialist here in the Newcastle region.

I have been a resident of Lake Macquarie living in Caves Beach, Swansea, Belmont and now Cams Wharf, since 1984.

My partner Ian and I have been together for 25 years, and have four children, and eight grandchildren.

Like most grandparents, my grandchildren are my world. They bring so much sunshine into my life and I can put people to sleep with my endless talking about them. I enjoy taking photos of them and I literally have hundreds of photos and videos on my phone of them that I love to show my clients.

Ian and I are addicted to travelling. I am always on the lookout for good deals and I amaze my friends with some of the bargain trips I have been able to find. A personal goal is to spend six months travelling - just visiting the locations where my cheap, last-minute deals take us.

What sets me ahead of my Competitors

My experience covers a 30 year career in the banking, finance and mortgage broking industry, with roles at the Commercial Bank of Sydney which became the NAB in 1973, State Bank of NSW, St George and CBA in Newcastle and the Central Coast.

In 1996, Ian and I saw an opportunity to become part of the mortgage broking industry, where we have both had successful careers. It was an opportune time to enter the mortgage broker industry while it was still in its infancy with less than a 2% market share.

In 2017, the mortgage broking industry share is approximately 55% of the market, and over 80% of loans written with the ‘big 4’ are lodged through a mortgage broker.

For the last 20 years as a mortgage broker, it has been as rewarding as it’s been challenging. I have forged a career as a successful loan writer in Australia. In 1999 I received an award from my peers for being Australia’s most successful Franchisee. I am highly respected by my peers and lenders because of the quality of my work and the volume of successful loans submitted.

I take great pride in always providing solutions for my clients, and I find my job very satisfying because I help my clients get the money they need to achieve their financial goals and achieve their dreams.

The Geographical Patch of Real Estate I Cover

The geographical patch I work in is quite extensive, covering Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, the Central Coast and Lower Hunter areas..

Working with an Industry Leader

Working with Loan Market gives me the strength and support of one of Australia’s most successful mortgage broker companies and a trusted brand.

I work with Loan Market as a finance specialist in the Newcastle community because I wanted the backing of a strong organisation and I believe together we are a great team for my clients.

One of the things I love the most about my job is helping my clients with their second and third home loans. I take pride being part of their financial journey and watching them move up the property market from their first home to their dream home purchase. I’m proud I have long-term relationships with my clients, where I am now helping them purchase an investment home or unit as part of their retirement plan.

The relationships I build with my clients are based on trust. Because I know so much about their financial and personal lives we share a trusting relationship.

What makes me a better option than other mortgage brokers is 30 years experience in the financial industry, coupled with 20 years experience as an owner/manager of a multi-office franchise business.

The skills and knowledge I have obtained throughout my career have kept me up–to-date in the industry. I’ve made sure through study and training that my skills have remained current and relevant to my client base, ensuring I can help my clients no matter what their needs are.

I have a Master of Business Degree from Newcastle University (UoN), I hold a Diploma of Finance and Management (Dip FS (FMBM)) and I am a ALI accredited representative.

A Great Partnership

Whilst the 'deal' or the ‘offer’ from a financial institution is a major consideration for people, I believe the biggest influence on where a person will ultimately get their finances is whether a lender’s products, policies and services are best matched to the clients’ individual needs.

There is no such thing as a 'standard' first home loan or a ‘standard’ investment home loan. Every situation is as different as the individual who is applying for finance.

What sets me apart from the pack is I know the policies, procedures and products of multiple lenders, and I make sure my clients are always getting the right advice suited to their needs and a competitive offer.

How good a broker is comes down to their experience, professionalism, and relationships.