Self Employed

As I run my own independent mortgage business, I identify with their problems and challenges they face daily.

All business owners have unique circumstances and set of problems to solve. Be it cash flow, valuation, asset protection structuring and income recognition. I therefore offer small business owners or mid capped firms by tailoring solutions to solve their financial needs.

This achieve the following: giving them back the time they deserve, saving their on interest and fees, cash flow problems plus allowing them to concentrate their energy on areas they are good at and passionate about – their business!!

Please see below recent cases, and their testimonials, I have helped:

Scenario 1:

Structure the commercial facility loan into better terms and rate, solve the valuation problem and convince lender to recognise his income due to the way he structure the business. His current lender review his loan as is due for review, the lender told Hsu to put $1M into the loan so to reduce LVR, as valuation has dropped significantly in that area due to GFC.

Hsu do not have this $1m to put in and was told to refinance within certain months. In panic he took out time from his business to search for lender to accept his refinance deal, in addition he has spent $5K in valuation fees through 5 different valuation firms = $25K to get it works. This dragged him for months and has added significant stress to him and his family till he known me from a referral. I resolved his income recognition, valuation problems and eventually refinance him with a better rate and lender.

Client is happy and since then has referred his family members to me.

As a self-employed physician, not all banks accept my income as I started to run my business only for 1 year plus – but Jenny has helped me to settle my home and investment purchase - her experience has helped to get the NRAS loan across though other broker has failed 3 applications using the same information. She provided excellent complimentary review of our financial circumstances, asset protection strategy, insurance and providing impartial advice on available products. She is upfront in her dealings. We will use her service for our successive purchase with no hesitation.

Scenario 2:

Client has paid default in his credit file, seek funds to refinance from private funders that have few of his development sites – no lender and even the bank he supports for years cannot accept his deal due to his bad credit listings, plus there is concentration risk in the security offer - 15 townhouse in title.

I managed to get it through and save him 6% on rate ($220,500 per year saving!!!!).

Client is delighted and has put this saving into his building business and make it more profitable.

Jenny is very experienced and passionate in what she did - she provided excellent strategies to achieve my goal as an investor. Her experienced served liked a GPS to me - highlight any risk/unexpected events that may result in devastated financial disaster. From a project manager’s point of view, it is what an ordinary mortgage broker lack of.

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