Case Study

"To future customers of Loan Market,

I was referred to Joseph Meyer from Loan Market by a friend in real estate after we had seen multiple businesses and banks and got nowhere with what we needed, in a few instances even having life insurance attempted to be sold to us. We were advised that this was a free service and we thought "Mmm, as if, nothing in this world is free!" After being frustrated trying to figure out what the next step was and trying to get guidance on our finances to sell and make future purchases we made an appointment to see Joe. We never looked back. He made the process extremely easy for us unlike the other big name companies.

Joe took the time to meet with us after hours, as we both work. He offered to come meet us or we could go to him for a no charge, complementary consultation. Joe knew from the start we wouldn't sell for at least another 6-12 months but was still happy to give us his time, gaining nothing from it financially.

Not knowing what was involved in the selling of a house or even using a broker, Joe made the process so easy for Evan and I. He spoke to us in terms that we could understand, not having any industry knowledge, unlike others who threw big words at us that went over our heads.

We met with Joe almost a year ago and we had a friendly chat about where we were at and what we wanted. With a few jokes and laughs along the way he helped us chuck ideas around the table and posed questions we hadn't thought of. Even though it was out of his job space, Joe didn't mind because that's the customer service he provides - he goes the extra mile. That meeting gave Evan and I a reality check on where we were at and what we needed to do. After, we went away with a few things in mind.

It wasn't until six months later when we contacted Joe again after we finally decided to sell and purchase a new house. In the past few months Joe has been exceptional, right through to settlement. He helped us stay grounded during the really stressful time and made it all hassle-free. Joe did all the behind the scenes work and we didn't really have to do anything except the fun stuff of house hunting. He gave us multiple loan options with different packages and options through different institutions, allowing us to pick the one that best suits us. After we chose what we wanted we supplied the necessary one-off documents and away he went, coming back to us with pre-approval from the institution based on our circumstances.

Two months later we found the house we wanted, made an offer on it, and it was accepted. We signed the loan paperwork and sat back during settlement. Joe and his assistant Kylie were working behind the scenes, liaising with the bank and our conveyancer, to finalise everything for us in the critical 10 day cooling-off period.

All the hard work they did pulled off and everything went through. Joe had the contracts sent to him and he took the time to go through the loan contracts with us, proving once again how he goes above and beyond. Not once have we had to meet with a bank, wait in queues or sit on hold. Joe was available when we needed him, sticking to appointment times, following up, returning our phone calls, sms's and emails.

Joe went above and beyond in all areas. He took calls from us asking stupid questions at odd hours through the whole process. Joe was never frustrated and never made us feel like we inconvenienced him, even when we interrupted his family time.

We are extremely happy with Joe's professionalism, accuracy and overall execution of the process. We will refer him to family, friends or anyone who is thinking of using his services with no hesitations.

We will use Joe again in the future when we buy another property.

Joe has excellent customer service skills, is a friendly guy and always treated us like a friend rather than a client. Best thing over all was a free service for us, as we were told from start to finish.

Keep up the great work Joe and never change your style because your honesty, reliability and friendly nature is what makes you stand out from the rest.

Thanks a million

Kylie and Evan"

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