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Home Loans for Relocating

Many people find their next home before selling their existing home but without the understanding of their finance options for this situation, end up paying more than they need to on their home loans.

There are specific loans to assist in making the move between two properties easy and cost-effective, but it is vital that you have the right person assist you with a relocation loan to ensure the structure is right and to keep your costs to a minimum.

Save Money on Your Home Loan

I love saving people money - any money I can leave in your pocket rather than a lender's coffers makes me happy. It is common for me to be able to get my clients a better interest rate - often with their own bank!

Sometimes I can also help reduce the fees. Recently I had a client buying her first home using a 100% home loan. When the first home buyers grant increased I showed her that by reducing her borrowing by $4000 she would actually save $4000 in Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

Home Loan Pre-Approvals

I know how important it is for you to be ready to negotiate when you find the home you wish to buy.

I have also seen the disappointment for clients that have had their loan 'verbally' approved by a lender only to find out they actually don't qualify.

A formal home loan pre-approval from a lender is the safest way to ensure you secure a property and don't lose any money.

The great thing about a home loan pre-approval is that they are quick, secure and don't cost you anything. I wouldn't negotiate without one!

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