About Juliet Lee

I am extremely passionate about my customers needs and their success. From past experiences, every customer’s situation is different. A key part of enabling customers’ success is to have flexibility on managing business operations. As a business owner, I have full control and flexibility in determining the best way I can work with my customers to make sure the desired outcome is extracted.

Using a mortgage broker can be very beneficial for you. Mortgage brokers are not just “facilitators” of loans, in addition to that, they provide you with a worry-free, time efficient and zero-cost process to ensuring you get the mortgage/ financing you need.

1. Free up your time

Time is a priceless commodity. Everyone has time, but not every bit is in your control due to work and life commitments. Rather than spending time doing your own market research with the major banks and some lenders, why not delegate it to an experienced mortgage broker who can help you find the best deal that suits your mortgage needs? We have access to a panel of over 30 lenders that are pro-actively competing for your business through us. All you need to do is just speak to me.

2. Get guidance on compiling complex paperwork to meet lender's criteria

Going through a mortgage or loan application can be a stressful process, given the complexity, amount of paperwork and probing required to move a mortgage case forward. Why risk any potential errors or delays and jeopardise a settlement deadline that can be costly? Delegate it to me to manage on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about anything.

3. Create an actionable financial plan to reach your goals

Many customers have different financial backgrounds. Some of my existing clients financial backgrounds weren’t conducive towards mortgage or business loan applications. As an experienced mortgage broker, I have helped countless customers secure financing (and also re-financing) to own their dream homes. If you would like to own a home or apply for a business loan we can work on a plan for you to achieve your goals.

If you are a current home/ mortgage owner, come and see me to ensure you don’t miss out on cost savings from better deals out there.

4. Service beyond the transaction – a long-term integrated-value added relationship

I also provide integrated value add services to my clients, such as document translation (for non-English documents) for mortgage purposes. In addition to that, in today’s volatile financial climate, many homeowners are also under-insured. I can help you understand the risk of under-insurance and ensuring they are appropriately covered in an unexpected event. Come and see me today to discuss how I can help you.

I can assist you with finance for:

  1. Mortgage and investment business
  2. Loan financing for SMEs

Get a financial visibility plan

With my experience helping both clients with favourable and unfavourable financial conditions, I possess the prerequisite knowledge to quickly help my clients dissect their needs and issues, to help them secure financing.

Secure Business Loan finance

For those who are in the small to medium enterprise space, I have had experience with clients seeking business loans. My most recent experience involves helping a client successfully secure financing to open up a retail shop in the food and beverage sector. This included bridging the right relationships (through my contacts in the business advisory sector) to ensure they developed a great financial business plan to submit as part of their business loan application to the bank.

Financing is a big part of everyone’s domestic and business life. I am very passionate to work with my clients to ensure they are successful in securing the financing they need to fulfill their life goals.

1. Results driven advice

Throughout my professional career I have only thrived on one rule; customer satisfaction and outcome come first service, everything else is second. Because of that, I invest my time substantially with my customers, whether your needs are for tomorrow or 6 to 12 months down the track. I have won accolades in my earlier professional life for being customer friendly and outcome oriented.

Every customer is important to me. When you engage me, you will find out. Let the actions speak louder than words.

2. Client focused service

If your loan is declined for any reason, it will be sub-optimal for both of us. My compensation is 100% outcome based, meaning I will work VERY hard to ensure that you are successful in achieving the outcomes desired while ensuring you have the best customer experience.

3. Proven experience through client success

My industry experience is supported by countless success stories with real testimonies. Many of my customers are also repeat customers, and a good portion of them are also referrals. This is a testament to my ability to help clients succeed.