About Us

Most people want to find the ‘best’ loan, a loan that has a low interest rate, a loan which has all the product features and benefits to meet their needs and wants.  That search can often be a very stressful, confusing and time-consuming process, particularly for first home buyers or first-time borrowers.

With literally hundreds of different loan products available it can be difficult to know which loan is the ‘best’ one for you and it can be a difficult task when comparing all the different loans available.  That’s why it’s critical to find someone who you can trust and help guide you through the myriad of different products and options so that you feel confident in your final decision and comfortable knowing you have chosen the right loan solution to meet your specific needs.

With over 15 years of working inside the Big 4 Banks Justin brings with him a wealth of experience which he draws upon as he works across a panel of 35 different lenders to ensure you have a hassle and stress-free experience while searching for a suitable loan.

Whether it’s your first home, upgrade, investment property, car loan or personal loan, Justin will work hard for you to make sure you find the ‘best’ loan available to meet your needs.