About Us

It is exciting to buy your home but can be daunting to get the finance for it, as different banks have different lending policies, loan products, processes etc., not to say each and every lender has different loan products with different loan features.  Sometimes, these products and features can be hard to understand.

As a mortgage broker with nearly 7 years of experiences in the finance industry, I am here to help you, whether it’s to purchase your home or refinance your home loan. In the past 7 years, I have helped hundreds of customers with their finance.

In the past several years, I worked in a few Ray White offices helping clients with their finance and gained extensive knowledge about real estimates in the meantime, which I believe will be helpful for my prospective customers as well in terms of guiding them in the purchase process to avoid common mistakes.
过去几年,我在几个 Ray White 地产中介办公室工作过(主要是帮助客人做贷款)。在这个过程中,我也学到了很多与地产有关的知识。我相信这对我的客人也会有帮助,因为这些经验会指导客人熟悉买房流程,避免犯常见错误。

To get the loan approved and settled is not the end of my job for my customers. My aim is to provide assistance with your finance whenever needed. This includes but is not limited to loan maintenance such as changing loan products, repayment type, pricing, security substitution etc. when needed.  I also conduct regular reviews for your finance to make sure your deals are competitive. You can rest assured you’re looked after your loan is settled.
贷款批准以及交割完成并不意味着我的服务已经完成。我的目标是只要我的客人有需要, 我就可以提供帮助,即使贷款已经交割。这包括更换贷款产品,还款方式,利率折扣的申请,替换抵押等等。我也会帮助客人做定期的利率检查,以确保他们的利率和产品保持竞争力。请尽管放心,即使贷款完成,在您需要的时候也会得到相应帮助。