Temporary visa holders – 临时签证贷款

Every year there are tens of thousands of people arriving in Australia to start their new life.  Many of them are holding temporary visas such as spousal visa, temporary employer sponsored visa etc.  It’s natural for people to buy their home once they are settled down.
每年有上万新移民来澳洲开始他们新的生活。 这其中有不少人持有临时签证,譬如配偶签证,临时工作签证等等。对于新移民来说,一旦工作和生活稳定下来,拥有他们在澳洲的新家是很自然的事情。

The challenges are many lenders will only lend to Australian citizens or permanent residents. However, this is not the whole story. We still have lenders that will lend to temporary visa holders in our panel. Some of them can even lend up to 95% of property value. Have a chat with us and we will provide the options that will suit your needs.

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