If you are an investor looking to grow your portfolio or maximise your investment returns then please read on….

Whether you are a Buy and Hold Investor, Buy and Renovate, or simply First Time Property Investor, you’ve come to the right place.

As an active property investor myself, I understand investment loans and know which lenders will lend maximum to property investors AND on the most flexible products. What does this mean to you?

  • How some investors borrow over and over again to purchase more than 10 investment properties on average incomes!
  • How to Minimize your repayments to Maximize your rental returns (this means less money out of your pocket!)
  • Why selecting the right type of loan can save your hundreds in fees!
  • How to get access to free bank valuations to unlock the sleeping equity in your home! (Up to $400 saving)
  • The 5 things lenders look for when lending more money to investors (get this wrong and miss out on that next investment property)
  • How to buy run down homes for renovations! (picking the wrong lender could end up consuming all of your deposit and leave you nothing to renovate!)
  • How to structure your loan so that you can just keep adding new investments without the hassle of full assessments every time!

Contact me today to discuss. Speak with a broker who lives and breathes investment as well as one that works with investors all day long.

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