Did you know that if you have not reviewed your loan (professionally by a bank or broker) in the last 6 months you could be missing out on rate discounts of up to 1%. All to often when I speak to customers, the first question I am asked is “What’s your best rate?” And when I asked them what their current rate is, they have no idea!

It’s funny that most people could easily recall the date of their next holiday they booked but have no idea what their own interest rate is, when knowing their rate could in fact PAY for their next holiday!

In the last 6 months, the reserve bank has delivered some much needed rate relief for home owners. The winners are certainly those with a mortgage and stable income. The better news is that with increased competition from banks and lenders us Mortgage Brokers are in a terrific position to help customers negotiate a better deal!

By switching your loan we will endeavour to keep the banks on their feet for you by….

  • Annual Negotiations – As long as you make your repayments on time we will push them to offer you Loyalty Home Loan Interest Rates
  • Learn the tips and tricks for paying off your Home Loan loan sooner that your lender will never show you
  • Have a single point of call for questions about your loan – My direct mobile number

An hour of your time gathering documents could save you thousands (Without making any more payments than you are now)

Make the switch today and also receive a $100 Gift voucher of your choice (Valid for applications returned within 7 days) Make the switch today and also receive a $100 Gift Voucher of your choice! (Valid for applications returned within 7 days)

Contact me on the below if you have any questions at all and start saving today!

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