Self employed

Did you know that it can be easier to get a home loan if you are self employed!?

Most people and banks will try to tell you that if you are self employed it is often more difficult to obtain a home loan and the lenders will make you jump through hoops. Tax returns, Depreciation Schedules, Cashflow forecasts etc it’s all too hard!

Being self employed myself, and working with hundreds of small business up to larger company owners I understand which lenders will consider your individual circumstances and require less documentation than you think!

The truth is, if structured correctly, a self employed home buyer should in fact be able to borrow much more than normal employees due to the allowable items on the tax return you can add back (get this wrong and you could be limiting your true borrowing capacity!)

If you run your own business, here’s what you can expect from my services…

  • Fast Approvals for Self Employed Home Loans – I get self employed and know what the banks are looking for
  • Borrow More – With over 7 years in working with self employed people I know how to maximize your income no matter how creative your accountant is!
  • Negotiate your rates! Not only should you get good rates I’ll make sure you get additional discounts!
  • Get residential interest rates for loans for business or commercial purpose
  • Need a line of credit? Don’t pay higher rates for more flexibility

Self Employed with Limited Financials?

Discover how to secure a competitive loan with minimal paper work! Contact me on the below to find how you can secure a Low Doc Home Loan with only the following proof of income:
  • 12 Months BAS statements or
  • Accountants Letter or
  • Last 6 month business transaction statements

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