Our Team

Kammy is one of the Client Services Specialists working alongside Lenard who assists the clients from the first meeting and all the way to settlement and beyond. Kammy's vast experience working with many mortgage brokers in the past few years has enabled her to understand the home loan process from start to finish and all the other bits in between meaning that the client is well taken care off. Kammy's main responsibilities include: Helping clients obtain a pre-approval for their home purchase, collecting and verifying all the documents from the clients and also updating the clients along the way regarding their new loan.

Kammy also deals with the bank, the valuers, the real estate agents and conveyancers/solicitors to make sure the home loan journey goes along smoothly. 

Betel is Lenard's personal assistant and works alongside Kammy with many clients. Betel has many years experience in customer service with her retail experience and has brought this experience to the finance industry.