About Lepa Golic

I’m now seven years into this business, and can say to you 'based on this information I can get you a loan'. I have strong lending knowledge and support skills to help you. Before this role, I was in the customer service team at CBA and in the Salvation Army as a training and development State Manager. I'm all about helping people.

I'll be honest with you and tell you where you stand. I will help you. Thanks for reading about what to expect from me.

I’ll work with you get the rate that suits your situation best. I can liaise with your solicitor and the agent and the bank, making the process easier for you, so you can focus on finding the property you are after. I will keep you updated throughout the whole process.

The truth is that I will say to my client “don’t ever be pressured by an agent to hand over a single dollar”. Once you’ve found the property you like, please call me and give me the property details. I’ll run reports to tell you what the property last sold for, how long it’s been on the market for, and what it’s been advertised for, and what has sold in the area. You can then buy from a position of confidence. At the same time as negotiating on the property, my job is to make sure that we get the loan approved on time.

By working with me I will compare all the loan options. I’ll know a deal is possible when we sit together. I’ll tell you how much deposit you need, how much will the repayment be, and can find you the loan that suits you best.

What types of products and clients do I help? Residential home loans, residential investment property loans, refinancing to get you a better deal on your loan, commercial property loans, business loans, and very importantly insuring yourself to protect your property. A new and popular avenue for many clients is to buy property through a Self Managed Super fund, which I specialise in.

Tips for First Home Buyers?
There’s lots of options to be able to buy your first home. There’s various ways of getting to your goal (even without savings) using all types of savings, gifts, government grants, and guarantees. Are you renting now? This can help. If you buy new there can be big advantages; call me to discuss how much I could save you.

Pay your mortgage off faster

Everyone wants to pay their mortgage off before the end of their loan term. Apart from anything else, this saves you a lot of money in interest charges! The key to paying your mortgage off faster is to keep to a budget and contribute just a little extra towards you home loan every week. You will be amazed at how much difference this can make to your overall loan costs and your minimum monthly home loan repayments.

Home loans for expats and new to Australia

With my European background and diverse language skills, I work with many clients who are new to Australia and are looking for the right way to finance the purchase of their first home here. There can be a number of differences between securing a home loan in Australia and their home country, which is where I come in. I help new arrivals to understand their home loan options, and work through their situation to find the right home loan for them. I can even help you establish your extended family in Australia.

Working with expat Australians to finance property purchase while you are living overseas is another speciality of mine. This type of finance requirement is very different to most, so understanding which lenders will allow the highest level of gearing is certainly a key criteria. I work predominantly with expats residing in the UK and United Arab Emirates to find appropriate home loans for their property purchase.

Home loans for first home buyers

The inner west of Sydney is a popular place with first home buyers working in higher end professional fields, who have a good income. If you are a first home buyer looking in this area, I will establish three key points with you before examining which home loan will be right for your situation:

  1. How are you paid? Many customers now have so many diverse ways of receiving income, from self employed to trust dividends, commission only, and PAYG. The type of income you have will affect the home loans available to you.
  2. How long have you been working with your employer? Although lenders like you to have you're your current job for a substantial period of time, your entire employment history can also have a bearing. This can be particularly useful if you have just changed jobs but have a good overall employment history.
  3. Where is your deposit coming from? Most lenders now require 3-5 per cent genuine savings as a deposit, on top of your First Home Owners Grant. If you only have a low deposit, often monetary gifts and rental history can be used to show ‘genuine savings'.

Another alternative if you have a low deposit is to use the equity in your parents home as a deposit. A past client of mine used this to great effect while awaiting the sale of a property in Italy that was to fund their purchase. The sale was delayed, putting the purchase at risk, but the parents were able to fund the deposit using the equity in their home and the client could proceed with purchase.

I was a first home buyer not knowing where to start, I saw LePaa in Gladesville and she was able to help me understand the process in an hour and a half and I had chosen a product with the lender of my choice. I went onto to purchase my property in Cremorne with such ease and stress free.
A.Taddei Cremorne NSW

Low documentations loans - loans for the self-employed

Low documentation, or low doc, home loans, are generally suitable for self-employed borrowers, but you should be aware that they can be more expensive due to the higher risk this group of borrowers poses to a lender. Often with low doc loans, evidence that may be acceptable to a lender can include past or projected earnings, existing equity and rental income.

Does overtime pay count when assessing my ability to repay a home loan?

Generally each lender has a set of specific criteria they will use to assess your ability to make the repayments on a home loan, one of which is your wage or salary. Usually, ad hoc payments such as overtime and bonuses will not be taken into account in this calculation, however there may be exceptions to this rule.

One such case came to me recently, with a couple who wanted to purchase their own property and remove themselves from the rental market. One partner worked full-time, the other was permanent part-time. The partner working full time also earned regular overtime, and because we could show that the amount of overtime earned was consistent over a 6 month period, the lender agreed to take this into account when calculating whether or not the couple could afford to make the repayments on their home loan. Happily, with the regular overtime included, the couple was granted a loan and have since purchased their first home.

Finance for relocating interstate

Relocating around the corner can be hard enough but when you are relocating interstate there are a few more factors you need to consider in relation to your finance. This is particularly important if you are taking up a completely new job rather than making a transfer within your existing company. Establishing serviceability is a key factor so good employment history, statement from your new employer, and a good savings history will help your home loan application to proceed smoothly. If you are selling an existing property to fund your new home, the timing of your sale will affect the finance options available to you; bridging finance may be required.

Relocating from Armidale to Qld, was very daunting so to be able to speak to LePaa who coordinate everything for me, submitting the application, referring a solicitor, liaising with the real estate agent and making sure I was able to secure a lender after discovering defaults at an amazing rate, was fantastic, I recommend LePaa highly to anyone.
T.Travers Armidale NSW

Create wealth through property

I am passionate about helping you to create wealth through property and am committed to working with you over the course of your property plan, be that one year, five, 10 or a lifetime. As your personal finance broker, I will liaise with your lender/s to cater to all of your property finance requirements during this time, and will ensure your home loan package remains working in your best interest during property and financial market fluctuations.

Business networks

I am the co-founder and Chair Person for the Balmain Women's Network Group, which has enabled me to develop a network of trusted professionals that can assist my clients in all aspects of the property purchase process. I like to ensure all my clients are well looked after and know who to turn to for assistance with their financial planning, accounting, legal and real estate requirements. I sleep better at night knowing that as my client, you have access to these services if you need them.

These businesses include:

  • Vanessa Hillier of Sentinel Financial Planners and Wealth Management
  • Michelle Pearce of Face Chartered Accounting
  • Wendi Nutt of Philadelphia Philpot Balmain
  • Nancy Strah of E L@C Bai Stockbroking Limited
  • Tara Caldwell of The Stylister
  • Jenette Joiner of Colour Ideas
  • Annette Fontana of Forum Law Leichardt
  • Joanne Johnsons of Home Dressing Pty Ltd Coogee
  • Alicia Nolan of Sass Consulting
  • Tina Clarke of Askher.com
  • Luca Ricciadiello from Property Empowerment.

I also work closely with the Ray White Macuarthur Group as one of their preferred Finance Brokers. The Group is the Number 2 Ray White NSW office, having been recognise for its sales service and achievements.

About me

I am an Aussie Serb. Take a loan with me and I can give you some Rakija that my dad made (otherwise known as moonshine which might numb the pain of your first repayment!). I have a Yugoslav background and speak Serbian, Croation, Macedonian and English. I am a young mum with a daughter and I understand the love (OK - not) of netball, swimming, gymnastics and will work around you and your family to make that all happen.

Customers Sydney Inner West

My customers are located predominantly in Sydney's Inner West suburbs including Concord, Five Dock, Drummoyne, Balmain, Parramatta, Leichhardt, Ashfield, Cabarita, Lilyfield, St Ives, Hunters Hill, Parramatta, Campbelltown, Camden, Denham Court, Narellan, Merrylands, Russell Lea, and Abbotsford.

I met LePaa at an open home, she came to my place at a time that suited me we went through many different situations and discussed all the different lenders, she helped me through out the whole process and liaised with me at all time keeping me updated and informed throughout the loan process, great getting constant feed back and a nice bottle of champagne at the end of it all.
L.Delehanty Camperdown NSW
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