Refinancing your home loan

Putting you in a better position

You probably don’t have the time, or the resources, to commit to following changes in the lending market. That’s why, if you want to know if a better deal exists, using a mortgage broker like Lyndal is the easiest option. Here’s what she can do for you.

Finding the facts

Even if you’ve worked with a broker before, Lyndal will need to do a fact find to establish your needs. Think about why you’re looking to change. Is it simply to get a lower interest rate? Or are you looking for something more?

Understanding a lender’s credit policy is important. The bank you’re with might not be able to support your future goals or next purchase. Lyndal can explain all of this to you when she’s gathering all your information.

You’ll get choice

Lyndal will do all the research for you, and you’ll get choice. She will shop around the thousands of products on the market to find you the most suitable products for your set of circumstances.

Lyndal will come back to you with up to five recommendations. She’ll go through each product - the fees and features, pros and cons, and then you’re able to choose the home loan that you like the most.

At the end of the day, you’ll be better off

The exercise of refinancing is not necessarily to move you from one lender to another, but to review your current situation and ultimately make sure that you’re in a better position.

This could mean that you stay with your current lender, but change products. Or it could mean moving to a new lender. Lyndal’s job is to help you with what you need in order to achieve your goals.

Reduce your monthly loan payments by refinancing your home loan

Words from a Refinancier

We approached Lyndal because she had been recommended to us by one of our friends
Lyndal helped us by refinancing our loan and achieving a much lower rate than we were on at the time.

Not only did we save more than $4000 a year in interest we also gained access to funds to renovate our kitchen, pay out our high interest credit card and keep some for a rainy day. It is now much easier to manage a single loan and our lower monthly repayments means we have a more enjoyable lifestyle.

Lyndal evaluated our situation and came up with an excellent solution. She made the process so easy from beginning to end and the communication was always timely.

Lyndal was very friendly and explained all the details so that we could understand them.

We would recommend Lyndal to anyone who wants to lower their mortgage repayments or needs access to extra funds.

Kathy and Peter Bollen

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