First Home Buyers

I am happy to say there is no bigger thrill, excitement or emotional connection than when you help a client buy their first home. Therefore I am glad and delighted that I am a mortgage broker and I help people to achieve their dreams.

I am a broker that any client would prefer over the banks because it would give them access to arrange of products. With my commercial and corporate background it gives me a real empathy for and knowledge of what I do and challenges. It also means I have a strong connection with my clients and a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns.

The one thing I have had at the fore front of my mind in everything I have done has been to always put clients first.

Most of the first home buyers have few questions in mind but they do not know the important questions to ask like:

  • Do you know which lenders offer the best LMI premium?
  • Do you know which lenders provide upfront valuations?
  • Which ones will accept particular types of securities?
  • Which lender will accept your income if you are quite reliant on bonus/commissions?
  • Who can lend me the most money?

As a broker, I know all the lenders' policies and know which loan should be put where to obtain approval without stress on the customer and without shredding a client's credit file by placing 5 different 'pre-approvals' to 5 different lenders. Going to a branch means you can only be sold the banks' own products / policies which may not be suitable for you.

He is a professionally well mannered highly experienced representative for loan market. Very efficient and meticulous in his work. We were always updated on the progress of our loan so we knew where we stood at all times and this gave us peace of mind. Excellent and pleasant experience. A job well done Asib. 11/10 :)

Aftab Rasool

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