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Potential Discounts on Your Home Loan

Working in the Drummoyne area, where homes and investment properties tend to be in a higher price bracket, I have experience in larger home loans and negotiating at least a 1% discount off the standard variable rate is a common exercise for me. Allow me to find out if I can secure you a more competitive finance package than what your bank has on offer.

Thank you so much for being the super legend you are and helping my brother and sister-in-law get their loan. They are so excited about house shopping now they have the approval. They were really impressed with your business ethics and how you went out-of-the-way to get them an even better rate. Another happy client lovey!
Matthew & Deanne Taylor, NSW

Standard Variable Home Loans

Standard variable loans are the most often secured loans because of their flexibility; the interest rate applied to a standard variable rate loan fluctuates over time depending on the official Reserve Bank interest rate and your lender’s interest rate settings.

After two attempts at purchasing the home we want to live in for 20 years, we bought our new home and then sold our house in a one month period. Having finance well organised was key. Liz Henderson took the time to understand our situation and provided information help us make good decisions with confidence. Liz was responsive, provided excellent service and adapted to our changing situation. We estimate her advice saved us over $30,000. We have four children and we both have demanding careers. This is our third time buying, renovating and selling property, and we are happy to say this experience and result was the best to date thanks to having our finance well organised.
Nick and Melinda Petrunoff, Five Dock, NSW

Fixed Rate Home Loans

Fixed rate home loans mean that the rate and loan repayments are fixed for a set term, usually between one year and ten years. If you require certainty of repayments, this type of loan will suit you. At the end of a fixed term, the loan will roll over to a standard variable rate home loan unless you have negotiated otherwise with your lender.

Combination or Split Homes

Combination or split home loans allow you to take part of your loan as a variable rate loan and the remaining portion as a fixed rate loan. This loan is ideal when you want to take advantage of the flexibility of the variable rate loans and the certainty of fixed rate loans. Combination/split loans ensure some level of repayment consistency, but also the option to make additional repayments to reduce your loan balance.

Line of Credit /Equity Loans

A line of credit or revolving credit home loan, also known as an equity loan, is a loan facility secured by a residential property, which allows you to withdraw funds up to a set limit at any time. Generally a line of credit is an interest-only loan, and in some cases you may be able to capitalise the interest payments. Experienced investors often use this type of loan, particularly when expanding a property portfolio.

Non Conforming Loans

Non Conforming home loans are designed to meet the needs of borrowers who do not meet the criteria of mainstream lenders, including those who are credit-impaired, older borrowers, new residents and seasonal or casual workers.

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