• Purchase of retail, industrial, and commercial property
  • Construction retail, industrial, residential and commercial property
  • Specialist securities such as child care centers, hotels, motels, caravan parks and petrol stations
  • High LVR where you can borrow up to 80% of the properties value
  • Lease Doc for investment purchases - no financials just rental income
  • Debtor Finance, can unlock cash flow for your business. Just by using your invoices to gain 80 percent value to fund further purchases for your business.

In relation to commercial lending, we can achieve for our clients an 80 percent lending value ratio against property worth approximately $1.2 million.

With basic information such as their latest bass statement and ATO tax portal. Moreover, we can achieve with business lending 100 percent lending against residential property worth approximately $1 million.

Loan Market Commercial can offer commercial lease-doc loans at competitive interest rates by providing 60 percent lending value ratio against commercial property with only the lease documentation being provided.

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