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DON’T PANIC anymore, the answers are here.

Finding the right home loan can be a minefield, unless you find a very good broker to do this for you. It is very important to make sure that in discussion certain factors are established as to the client’s needs and requirements with a loan.

One thing for me that is of high importance is to explain what is available and go through the options with you so that we get to the end goal together…The Cheapest Best Loan that suits what you want and need.

Would you like to fix, go Variable, maybe split the loan? Interest Only or Principal and Interest. Are Offset accounts and redraw facilities important to you so that you can have the flexibility to repay as much as you like but be able to take back those extra repayments anytime. These are just some of the topics we will cover off to make sure you end up with the right product.

Our panel has over 30 lenders which includes the 4 Majors. This amounts to 100’s of loan products to work through. Our excellent and efficient software helps us sort through these products to produce the best one’s for you.

Time is money and a precious commodity so why waste time searching for yourselves and speaking to one lender after another. Let me take all the hassle away, not only to find you a highly competitive product but also to lodge and follow through the Loan Application for you.

Processing the loans is something my PA Shelley just loves to do. She is in constant contact with the lenders pushing, prodding and persuading Lenders to action our deals ASAP. She then keeps you updated as the loan progresses so you can sit back and let this happened and concentrate on the many others things you need to do around your purchase, Reno’s refinance’s etc.

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