Its home loan health check time!

With the end of financial year fast approaching, it’s a timely reminder for investors and home owners to have a look at their current mortgage and ask the questions “do I have the right home loan for my circumstances?” and "when was the last time I had my home loan health check done?".

Wayne Pope, Loan Market says “the largest cost in owning a property is traditionally the mortgage and a lot of investors and home owners make their purchase and set and forget, but don’t realise that just a year or two down the track they could be paying much more than they need to and the end of financial year is a good time to review your circumstances”.

Wayne and his team offer a Complimentary Home Loan Health Check to assess your loan and compare it to what your current lender and over 30 other lenders are offering.

Wayne says “I get to regularly save clients thousands of dollars a year in interest on their loans. Imagine how many other investors and home owners are paying thousands a year more in interest to their bank than they needed to, but don’t know it. If we can fix this, they have the opportunity to maximise their bottom line on their investment or potentially pay off their home loan sooner by paying less in interest and more in principle. I encourage clients to not be that person, and get your home loan health check done regularly”. Note: *Savings will vary depending on personal circumstances, goals and objectives.

It’s simple and you only need to provide four simple pieces of information to Wayne for him to let you know of any potential savings you could make: current loan amount, current lender , current property value and current interest rate.

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