Presenting your home for sale in winter



Although the market is generally a little slower during the cooler months, there are advantages to selling during winter. Serious buyers will be searching for property regardless of the time of year, and you may find there are fewer homes for sale, therefore less competition. 

Here’s a few tips to maximise your property’s potential for a winter sale:

Make first impressions count

The exterior of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see, so it’s important it makes a positive impression - particularly during the Winter months. Use a pressure hose to clean any pathways or courtyard areas (you can hire, buy or borrow one), and tidy up foliage and dead plants. It’s also a clever idea to give your front door and any window frames a lick of paint prior to inspection.

Light up your home

The winter months can generally be gloomy, so make the most of both artificial and natural light. Select open-house times that will maximise the natural light within your home, open all the curtains or blinds and make sure your windows are sparkling clean. A great idea is to turn on all the ceiling lights and lamps and use mirrors to reflect light into dingy corners.

Make it feel like home

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere by styling with rugs, throws and cushions to entice buyers.  Brighten dull spaces with freshly cut flowers and ensure the home is warm.  If you have a wood fire heater turn it on and create a cosy feel.

Finer details count

Its best to ensure that everything is in proper working order, from changing blown light fittings right through to making sure there are no leaking gutters, which can be an eyesore on wet winter days. 

Thoroughly clean the home and remove any dust or cobwebs especially on the skirting boards.  Ensure the bathroom is clean and showers screens are sparkling (also change the shower curtain if it’s looking tired), a daily vacuum, empty out the bins and polish up all surfaces.  Lastly spray the home with a good quality air freshener or surround the home with some reed diffusers.