Reduce your financial stress and worry.
Do you feel burdened by your personal debts, on top of your housing loan? You should consider Debt Consolidation as an option.

Personal loans and credit cards dig a deeper hole for you as the amount of interest becomes ridiculous and eats into your spare money that was supposed to be used for other things. How often do you make a monthly payment and it doesn’t even cover interest on the cards?

With Refinancing and Debt Consolidation, your financial stress will reduce as you combine all those debts into your home loan, which is generally the debt with the lowest interest rate. As the interest rate is lower, and the loan term is longer, your new monthly repayments will drop, giving you a bit of breathing space. Most importantly I will work with you to set up a plan to reduce your debts after settlement therefore you won’t be alone. You will have the guidance of a professional by your side, doing all the work. All you have to do is get on with living your life and I take care of the rest keeping you fully informed.

Reasons why you may consider this service:

  • Save money with lower interest rates and fees than you may have now. Have you checked your rate of late?
  • One lender, repayment and statement, not a letterbox full of bills!
  • Stop lenders calling or sending your demand letters for overdue bills
  • Opportunity for better cash flow
  • Do you have Mortgage Arrears, over limits on credit cards, late payments, Council Rates?
  • Less stress from not having personal debts anymore
  • Low Documentation Lending – Refinance and Cash out for businesses
  • Refinance of business and commercial debt
  • Payment of ATO tax debts
  • Short term ABN options available.

Over time, your personal and financial situation may change.

As your needs and priorities change, you will probably find that the current loan you have just isn’t the right one for you.

Now is the time to compare your loan to see if refinancing will benefit you.

A single enquiry is all it takes. I would love to discuss how refinancing and debt consolidation could help you!

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