Self Employed

Low Doc Loans
Low doc loans do still exist and can be used when the client is not able to provide the mountains of paperwork the bank requires to consider the client as a full document loan.

Some lenders load the interest rate on low doc loans, but many do not so I always look at what you are trying to achieve and then let you know your options.

That way, we can plan the best path to achieve your goal. Although the criteria is changing regularly in the current market, many lenders still do not require BAS statements for low doc loans.

No Doc Loans
No doc loans are harder to get than they used to be.

Despite that, they are still available and usually, with the right loan structure and strategy in place, a good result can be achieved for clients requiring a no doc loan.

As with low doc loans, it’s important to check the current lending criteria prior to placing an application.

Full Doc Loans
Full doc loans, or ‘normal’ home loans, are the most common type of home loan used, and with over 25 lenders on our panel, I will endeavour to find you the loan that will allow you and your family to enjoy life and focus on the important things.

Let me worry about the boring details of completing your home loan application and following it up until settlement – once we have selected the lender and home loan that meets your requirements, I can get it all set in place and worry about the messy detailsfor you.

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