About Us

Getting through the mortgage maze can be daunting at the best of times.

Finding the lowest interest rate can be as easy as a google search. However, knowing what to look for and the potential issues each transaction can present is a challenge in itself.  The key is to understand how your circumstances fit into the lending maze. Which lender to choose is best done with experience and understanding.

This is what I do:

  1. Chat Time We chat and I ask you a lot of questions.  This helps me to really understand you and why you are doing what you’re doing.
  2. Design and Build I come back to you with options that are personalised for you, providing you with the pros and cons to each option.
  3. Analyse and Decide The choice is yours.  With all the hard work out of the way and all questions answered, picking the product that has been personalised for you now seems easy.
  4. Apply and Approve I get you to sign all the formal stuff and then I handle the rest of your application with the lender from submission to approval, right through to settlement.
  5. Keeping You Informed I walk you through each step keeping you informed by either phone or email, answering any questions you have and advising you on the progress of your application.
  6. Aftercare Once your finance has been finalised I don’t just send you on your way.  I check in to see that all your aftercare needs and queries are met. I also like to check in every now and then (but not too often) just to make sure your loan is still leading the pack. If not, it’s chat time again!