About Us

As a father of three children under six, I am definitely aware of the importance of both financial security and providing a home for my family.

This is what drives me and my entire team at Loan Market Lower North Shore. To help people. To get up in the morning and know we are achieving something meaningful.

In fact, the buzz I get from helping customers secure their dream homes is the reason I have been in finance broking since 1999 and am an MFAA Industry Accredited Mentor and Justice of the Peace.

In property, we are one of the only ones on your side. You are against the vendor, against the agent and against other buyers.

One of the most powerful ways I have found we can help is through establishing a sound finance strategy.

While the fundamentals of rate and repayment are critical, setting up a sound strategy from day one will lead to better outcomes.

Nowhere is this more critical than in purchases on the Lower North Shore which are largely based around strategy: both investment strategy and debt recycling.

Having grown up in Mosman and spent the last 19 years working in finance broking in the area - 14 of them as a business owner - I have seen the profound effects a good strategy can have on investment outcomes.

Local partnerships

The finance broking industry gives you a strong love for property and I have seen its power to change lives. This is one reason we operate in partnership with our sister company: Ray White Lower North Shore which serves to significantly improve customer outcomes.