About Us

Loan Market Maggie Ciobanu
Phone: 0433 508 088
Email: maggie.ciobanu@loanmarket.com.au 

As a Perth-based mortgage broker servicing the greater Perth region and all of Australia I am acutely aware of the importance of customer satisfaction.

When you work with me you can feel confident that I will draw upon my 23 years’ finance experience and go the extra mile to quickly secure your loan, while keeping you educated and informed throughout the application process. 

Passionate About Customer Success:

The excitement that clients have when their loan is approved is contagious and provides me with great satisfaction, especially when it has been a complex loan that has required problem solving to secure.

It is these moments that make all the hard work worthwhile. Helping clients secure a dream home, get out of financial trouble, or retire early is immensely satisfying. Indeed, customer service is my specialty and I tend to establish client relationships far beyond business.

Education Focused:

With an education-based approach to servicing clients, I have a thirst to better understand your unique situation so I can develop specific and tailored solutions. That may mean I constructively challenge the status quo in looking for better ways to do things.

Communication is critical throughout this process, so you fully understand the reasoning behind recommended loan products and structure.

So, whether you are a first home buyer seeking to better understand interest rates and repayment, or a season investor wanting to know why cross-collateralising multiple loans could cost you more, you will receive tailored education to simplify the loan application process. 

Complex Loan Specialist:

If you have struggled to secure finance elsewhere, have a poor finance record, are recently self-employed, or have a complex loan application that other finance providers are avoiding, these are my specialties.  

This means going to great lengths, and using my personal experience as a loan assessor to  educate lenders and mortgage insurers so they understand your situation and look at your loan with a more positive light.

The result is increased chances of loan approval and expedited turnaround times.

Awards, Accreditation and Qualifications:

With a Diploma of Financial Services in Mortgage Broking Management and a Certificate of Business Administration, backed by 23 years of finance experience, you can feel confident in my knowledge and commitment to customers.

This commitment is also evident in the many recommendations, reviews and word-of-mouth referrals I receive, along with my recent nomination for the 2020 Australian Women in Mortgage Broking Award.

Integrated Approach:

To provide you with a holistic financial service, I work alongside and take advice from financial planners, accountants and real estate agents to deliver loan solutions that account for your entire financial profile. 

Loan Specialites:

  • Residential Home Loans
  • First Home Owner Education
  • Investor Finance Strategies
  • Complex Loans Structures
  • Self-Employed Finance
  • Business Loans
  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans