About Malcolm Purton

There are so many reasons you may require financial assistance throughout your life:

  • Buying your first home
  • Investment purposes
  • Debt consolidation
  • Land loans
  • Construction loans
  • House and land packages
  • Renovations
  • Borrowing against equity
  • Line of credit loans

These are all important decisions, and there's so much information and advice swirling around it can become quite overwhelming. Let me save you a lot of time, money and heartache by finding you the right home loan or investment loan to suit your needs - resulting in the best possible lending outcome for you.

Mal has provided a fantastic service, he was always available to answer our questions and let us know of any progress of the loan application. He has clearly showed us that he is a professional with a lot of knowledge and he could answer all our questions. Christielli Portela

Buying Your First Home

I'll quickly show you how much you can borrow to buy property and discuss the home loan options available. And if you're not in a position to borrow immediately, I'll create a realistic budget and plan that will ensure you're working towards getting into the home owner's market sooner.

Before I met Mal, I never thought purchasing my first property would be possible. At the age of 19, he changed my life, by teaching me straight forward concepts on how to budget, and taking control of my finances. I took his advice on board immediately, and set things in place to make it work. Within 12 months, after taking the steps Mal taught me, I purchased my first home! Gratitude would not be a strong enough word to commend Mal and his approach towards my financial situation, taking on the loan as if it were his own. He now looks after the whole family! No matter of the complexities you may face, Mal will find a way! I'm now 21, with an income under $45k looking to buy my second property. He changed my life; he made the impossible, POSSIBLE!
Natalie Mikic, (Mal's youngest client!)

Protect Your Credit Rating

Did you know that every enquiry you make to a lender is recorded against your credit file? And if too many 'hits' are recorded on your Credit File you will have to wait longer to apply for credit (like a home loan or investment loan) again? My in-depth knowledge of each financial institution's home loan application criteria means you won't waste your 'hits' on lenders that aren't suitable for your needs.

Dealing with the likes of banks and real estate agents is surely one of those experiences with the potential to drain the life out of even the most savvy property purchaser. To survive the ordeal with your sanity intact, you need to have a strong team of trusted advisers around you - professionals who know the ins and outs and will go in to bat for you. My first property purchase would not have happened if I hadn't stumbled across Mal Purton. I remember discussing my complicated plans with Mal across my kitchen table, and from that point on he took the challenge personally. He went far beyond the expectations of a broker and did everything remotely within his power to make the deal happen. I don't know of another person on this planet who would have gone to the effort he did. I will NEVER buy a property without first consulting with Mal, and nor should you. It's that simple.
Bernadette Shanahan
National Communications Manager
OAMPS Insurance Brokers Ltd, Investment Purposes

Investment Purposes

Whether you want to borrow to invest in property, shares or business, I can create a plan that ensures you get the money to fully realise your investment potential.

Using Your Existing Property to Borrow Against the Equity
As your portfolio grows it becomes increasingly important to have the right loan structure in place so that you can effectively minimise loan setup costs by borrowing against existing equity and minimise any loan re-structuring costs.

For Investment Property Purchases
You'll want to create the ideal loan structure to minimise loan setup costs such as establishment fees, lender's mortgage insurance, deferred establishment fees, early break costs, government fees and charges, and repayment options.

I'll work directly with your accountant or financial planner, if needed, to ensure the right loan and correct structure matches your financial options. And if you don't already have a financial adviser, I can recommend a number of excellent and experienced professionals.

I work in the finance industry and always assumed that I knew it all until I met Mal. Thanks to his expertise; my personal finance situation has improved significantly over the last four years. Difficult times can bring financial difficulties, and it is these times that I really judge people. Mal, however, was always just a phone call away, and provided financial solutions not like a broker but more like another family member. When he is taking care of my finances, I feel safe because I trust all his deals - NO QUESTION ASKED. The best part is that I never paid him a single cent out of my pocket and yet he sends me beers and wine as gifts. If Mal takes care of you, you are in safe hands and if he cannot assist you -nobody can in Melbourne.
Dr Vikash Ramiah, Senior Lecturer
School of Economics, Finance and Marketing,RMIT University

Consolidating Your Debt

People generally have two reasons for consolidating their debt:

  1. To free up cash flow to lower their monthly outgoings and regain control over their finances.
  2. To save money and/or time on lower interest rates.

I can help you with either scenario. I'll find a competitive low interest rate consolidation loan and help you identify when you have the capacity to move your loans.

Why You Need to Talk to Me

I've been highly active in the home and investment loan arena for over six years and have helped hundreds of clients realise their property, financial and investment dreams. My personal experience and interest in property and finance means I can put myself in your shoes.

I'm committed to maintaining an ongoing relationship with every client and pride myself on:

  • Understanding your current and future loan application requirements.
  • Realistically calculating your borrowing capacity, including related costings, so that there are no hidden surprises when your loan application process begins.
  • Finding the right loan structure and best lender to suit your needs, while always minimising your costs.
  • Being readily available, either directly or via support staff, so that I can guide you through every step of your loan application process. I also offer a comprehensive and accessible after care service so you won't feel on your own once your loan has gone through.
  • Working with your accountant and financial planner (if needed) to find an ideal loan structure that complements their advice, while still offering you the right options.
  • Staying up-to-date with loan application specifics. Loan policies, criteria and products can change quite quickly and what might have been possible yesterday, is not necessarily applicable today. I can save you time by being aware of these changes. Also, being ‘in the know' means I can quickly tell you about any great home loan specials that are on offer.

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Certificate IV in Mortgage Brokering
  • MFAA Membership
  • Credit Ombudsman Service Ltd - Member

Whilst buying a house if one of the most stressful things that a person can do, it was very encouraging to be supported by Mal and to have the process explained to me in a way that made sense. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mal to other people and have recommended him to friends of mine.
Trudy Simmons - Ferntree Gully

Interstate Clients

I have clients all over Australia, clients move interstate, recommend family and friends and as such my clients span across the country; NT, QLD, NSW, ACT, SA, VIC and TAS. With today's technology I can provide my service from almost anywhere.

Melbourne Clients

I am located in Oakleigh and service the South East area of Melbourne.