Whether you are adding value to an existing property by renovating to re-lease or to sell, planning a subdivision, purchasing raw land and improving it by building a block of apartments, offices or a house, I can assist you to secure the right funding to get your next project off the ground.

Here is a checklist of information you will need to bring.

Unit Development

Borrowing with or without pre sales or maximising the GRV, there are options and strategies for all types of developments.

Ranging from 3 to 30 unit developments each bring their own challenges and each knowing which lenders have an appetite for which development can often make the difference.

Property Subdivision

Property subdivision can be a great way to maximise on your return on investment, but getting the right loan structure can be a challenging task, not to mention the myriad of other things that need arranging to get the project of the ground.

Call me for a chat to discuss your financial options.

Commercial Finance

Commercial Loans can be complex and only an experienced financial specialist can give the best advice.

Ranging from borrowing 70% all the way up to 100% of the purchase price are strategies that we will put in place depending on what outcome you are trying to achieve.

Holding relationships with Commercial Bankers across all of the major banks helps us to deliver results where needed.

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