First Home Buyers

First of all, congratulations! If you are like most first home buyers you are excited about getting your foot in the door of your own home.

You may also be a little uncertain of how the lending process works and don’t want to make the wrong decision. If so, you have arrived at the right place.

I will cover all of your questions to make sure you understand all aspects of your loan.

Some of the common questions include:

How much can I borrow?

How much deposit do I need?

Am I eligible for the First Home Owner Grant or Stamp Duty discounts?

I have access to over 800 home loan products from a wide panel of 30 banks and secure mortgage lenders – with their own offers and loan products. The loan that’s right for someone else may be completely wrong for you. This is where I can help you before you accept an offer from a big bank.

I will help you compare home loans to find the most competitive offer for your finance needs and unique lifestyle.

Marios Rokka was highly recommended by our friends who recently bought their first home. Since we too were in the process of buying our first home, we were looking for a mortgage broker who had the industry know-how, the experience and patience to guide us through the process. Marios and his team turned out to be the perfect fit for us.

Marios was flexible with our meeting times and he went above and beyond with his analysis & recommendations to select the right home loan that fit our budget as well as our lifestyle. We received assistance with the preparation of various documents and forms and on the communication front, Marios and his team were always quick to respond to emails and return our phone calls.

We also received timely notifications on the progress of our application in the form of phone calls, SMS and emails. We have been extremely pleased with Marios and his team and will definitely be recommending him to our friends and associates.

- Suraj M., North Melbourne , VIC

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