About Marios Rokka

I really enjoy sharing my knowledge of finance and how the lending process works. I get great satisfaction knowing that I have sincerely helped my clients to better understand their own financial situation and how to improve it. It is usually quite a simple change that I make to their current loan structure to achieve this, but it can mean big savings. In most cases, people are on a particular interest rate with their lender which may not be the cheapest product which that lender has available. The case may be that the lender is not as flexible to the client's needs that another may be. Ultimately, this all comes down to me finding solutions for clients by capturing a list of ‘If Only' items which is like a wish list of items the client wishes they could have with their mortgage.

Recently, a client had a mortgage which was on a professional package with a discount of .5% and they were quite happy, but they wished that they could have a way to reduce the interest rate, have security against interest rate rises, pay extra into the mortgage, and have the ability to also use the extra repayment if ever they needed to. They also liked their existing lender and didn't particularly want to change unless it was absolutely necessary. We renegotiated the loan into a fixed interest rate which allowed extra repayments and had a linked account whereby the client could also have money to use but whilst in the account, part of the funds offset the mortgage.

Home loans - residential, commercial, development and equipment

I mostly handle residential mortgage applications (80% of business) and am highly skilled in achieving excellent results in this area, whereas the other 20% is made up of other funding such as Commercial, Development, Equipment Finance and Personal/Car Loans. I have strong understanding of the workings of these types of lending facilities and am relentless in sourcing a solution for every opportunity put before me.

I work closely with accountants' lawyers, conveyancers and financial planners

A lot of our residential mortgage lending is with investors. Working closely with my accounting group for advice and solutions specific to the structure of investment finance is of foremost importance with investors. The right lender and product follows.

I am closely involved with an Accounting and Financial Services Group who offers my clients advice on investment and tax including financial planning. Additionally, a Law Firm offers my clients Conveyancing services, but is happy to provide free wills and free advice on Section 32's and Contracts of Sale. Any legal advice (when no conveyancing is involved) is free for initial consultation.

Development finance - building, shipping, projects

Development funding is a big area of growth and I am seeing more and more transactions of this type. Understanding detailed workings of development funding and project costing is paramount in the potential loan structure and lender with which you would work. I have secured funding for projects as small as $1.2m and up to $8m without any pre sales required, and have provided solutions for more complex lending such as shipping finance to $80m.

Whatever the requirement is, I work on structure first, and lender second, based on your end goal. This may be requiring funding for a project where no pre-sales are possible and funding required up to 90% of development cost. Most situations, if structured correctly, can be funded.

Why use a mortgage broker?

I have all done odd jobs around the home which would have had better results by employing an expert in that field. Mortgages are the same, and as simple as it may be to find a Cheap interest Rate or a lender with no fees, it is the foundations that a mortgage broker lays before searching for a lender that determines the longevity of ‘wellbeing' of your mortgage. Structure of funding including fixed, variable, split, offset, redraw, product type, multiple securities, mortgage insurance, credit policy etc etc, are what I look at before determining the lender and finally product. You don't buy a red car because it looks fast, do you?

Interstate clients

I deal as far and wide as my clients need me to and travel interstate if and when required. Most recently, I settled a number of purchases for clients in Adelaide, and travelling to meet with those clients at the time was not an issue.

Overseas clients (Greece and Italy)

My client base extends as far as Greece and Italy, where a small group of clientele, ex pats and foreigners, live. I also have strong ties with the Melbourne Greek community and am often referred to Greek Nationals working in Australia through other clients working for the Greek Embassy in Australia.

Melbourne clients

I am located in busy Moonee Ponds and service the Moonee Valley area including Ascot Vale, Essendon, Kensington, Maribyrnong, Brunswick, Flemington and Strathmore. My client base is mostly in the north to north western suburbs including strong roots in the Greensborough, Bundoora, Epping, Diamond Creek, Watsonia and Mill Park areas.

Community involvement

I personally sponsor a local basketball team and provide uniforms and funding for tournament competitions. I provide all players, family and friends associated with the team, free mortgage analysis and comparison and updates on lender offerings and specials as they come about. I am also involved in local martial arts centre and provide similar support and offers to the club.