About Us

Mark and Fiona Collins run are active members of the community with two young kids and involvement in numerous local clubs such as Port Saints Soccer Club and Port Macquarie Triathlon Club to name a few. We built our dream home in Crestwood Estate in Lighthouse around 3 years ago and have recently just spent a little over a year travelling the country in a caravan with our 2 kids. We certainly realized that having travelled extensively throughout Australia that there is no place like Port Macquarie, we truly are lucky to live where we do.

Having been involved in the finance industry for over 7 years now and financed hundreds of Port Macquarie locals dream homes, our priority has always been to make sure our customers get the most competitive deal, not just at the point of taking out a home loan but every 6 months renegotiating the rate with your current lender to make sure they have the most competitive deal they can offer. We want to make sure we look after you, not just getting the loan but well into the future. 

Mark is actively involved in the local building community and is a member of the Master Builders Association of Australia. He keeps across the builders in the area, what they specialize in, what estates are good for families, investors and what infrastructure is coming to those areas to help you make smart informed choices on where your dream home can be.

Our commitment is simply to be the number one new home finance company on the Mid North Coast, this stands us apart from our peers, we are experts in this area. If you are looking to build a new home and want to ensure you have a team of experts who not only know the industry inside out but can also can guide you through the entire process having also built themselves, chat to us so we can help.